What I Know For Sure...




What I know 1 gazillion % for sure is that you are enough.


You are strong enough.

Smart enough.

Wise enough.

Good enough.

Focused enough.

Whatever enough.


I don't mean that in a cheesy throw-away statement intended to boost your confidence.


It's more than that.


You were put here with a specific purpose.


You feel it in your heart, your soul, your very being.


And what I know a traxillion % is that you are living this life, in this time space reality to experience the fullness of who you are.


To BE the completeness of who you ARE.


Not the you that you feel you 'should' be.


Or the you that you have become over years of fearing that the real you is not loveable, likeable, capable or acceptance 'enough'.


Heck, you may have had others tell you just that -- that you are point blank not _______ enough.


You may have been believed them.


But the thing is you KNOW differently.


You KNOW for damn sure the truth of the matter is this:


You have unique gifts to serve to the world that will transform so many lives that you will hardly recognise them as coming from within you.


You have a longing, a knowing, a calling that is beyond any untruths that anyone can ever tell you, or convince you of or try to to have you believe: including yourself.


I know and you know that you ARE strong enough.


Because, you would not be here, with such a strong, passionate desire to share your message and shine your light if you were not ALREADY enough.


That's the truth.


There's nothing you need to BE other who you already are.


Your 'work' is therefore to do WHATEVER it takes to remember that call of who you truly are, what you came here to do and, well, just do it.


And then sit back and enjoy the amazing miracles that unfold in your life when you fully show up and start living in true ALIGNMENT with you.


You've got this.


Love Kirsty x


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