Become the Energy You Want to Feel...



BE THE 'ENERGY' YOU WANT TO 'FEEL' IN THE WORLD (sorry Gandhi for mixing up your wise words just a little bit!)


So, you want more hope, love, unity, optimism, JOY in the world? 🌍


Then infuse all that you DO and all you ARE with that energy.


Choose to speak of, act, think and allow only things that match that energy into your vibration.


The energy that we individually emit contributes to our collective consciousness and as our consciousness creates our reality, well, it's kind of VITAL that we all start pulling our socks up, vibrationally speaking that is.


Because bottom line: We can't wish to attain world peace whilst secretly (or perhaps stubbornly 😜) holding onto UNPEACEFUL thoughts about ANYTHING.


I know. That's hard.


Things ignite us, piss us off, make us wanna scream and shout and cry --and we ARE allowed to feel that.


We are humans.


Capable of a range of emotions that are meant to be felt. Don't block those emotions.


Feel them, live them, embrace and honour them and then when it's time, allow those feelings to be the catalyst for your next step: your empowerment: your cause.


Let it become the rocket fuel that lights a fire under you, to inspire you towards the GREATEST GOOD. ((💥SPOILER ALERT: The greatest good is LOVE, it feels like LOVE, it looks like LOVE. LOVE IS THE CLUE so if it don't feel like LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE start following the LIGHT!💥))


So maybe it's time we all ask ourselves: am I BEING the energy I want to FEEL in the world?


Am I in essence, 'being' LOVE? And then adjust accordingly. Don't worry about where you are right now.


Like I said, just keep following the light.


Besides, it's less about perfection and more about pure intention.


So set your energetic intention and breathe life into that which you wanna feel each and every day and our world will be richer for it.


And for that, I thank you.


Love, Kirsty 

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