"I have to say Kirsty’s courses have been super transformational. I have gotten so much awareness and clarity on where I was self-sabotaging and where I was holding myself back.


I can’t put into words how grateful I am and how wonderful it also is to work with her on a 1:1 basis because she goes even deeper than her courses.


If you have the chance to work with her, I urge you to take the leap - I loved it so much!


Kirsty is such a loving, caring, authentic and genuine being.

It's so beautiful and just being around her and absorbing her abundance is transformative in itself."


(Click below to watch Sandra’s full video testimonial)

"Magic Allowing helped me to do just that - allow more magic into my life! We are often in our own way, keeping ourselves in a state of stress of worry, which stops our flow.


Magic Allowing helped me to reconnect with myself and my intuition, relax emotionally and mentally as well as physically, and shift my blocks regarding relaxing and receiving my heart's desires.


I released a HUGE money block that immediately led to a boost in my income!

Kirsty's energy is just magnetic and infectious. Her courage in sharing her own journey, her enthusiasm and her positivity just sparkle. She is the perfect mentor.

If you want to create more ease and flow in your life, then Magic Allowing, and Kirsty, ARE definitely for you."

"Kirsty floated into my life at such a needed time. I had already overcome so much after having the worst 3 years of my life (literally) and I was at a place I hadn't been before.


The amazing Kirsty and her divine work has helped and is still helping me to unclear the blocks that I had placed on myself and my life. 


With the grace of the amazing workshops this phenomenal lady shares, I am now learning how to become in tune with my true self, how to manifest the things I want in my life. 


I don't just mean materialistic things: I mean things like happiness, peace, joy, enjoyment and love but to name a few. I'm not going to lie I am also manifesting a trip to Lapland for me and my babies!


(EDIT: Nat actually DID manifest that trip!)


I could go on for ages but I will end by saying a humongous thank you to the amazing lady that is Kirsty Caló (who just gives you that warm fuzzy feeling with her amazing smile) and also to the other lovely ladies... I salute you all and thanks for being part of my journey.


I'm finally starting to love life again. 


Everybody needs a bit of Kirsty magic in their lives it really would be a shame to miss out, and I can't recommend this group enough!"

"I found that Magic Allowing really resonated with me. 


So many of the topics that Kirsty went over in the videos or audios were issues that I was having at the time and through Kirsty's advice and guidance I was able to move forward in my own spiritual journey and have numerous AHA moments. 


Kirsty keeps it real as she is on her journey along with you.  Feels more friendly and comfortable. 


Kirsty has an infectious smile and attitude that you can't help but want to do better just by watching her. 


She helps keep your vibration high and is there through every step of the way. 


P.S.  She has the cutest accent!" 

As a mental health professional, I see and provide support for individuals on a daily basis who are struggling with a range of social, emotional and health issues from moderate to severe. I

love my job, but it can also be exhausting and challenging.


 I realised that I needed to do something for me, to look at my own needs and wants in life, and develop tools to change my thought patterns and beliefs.


Kirsty and her course, which she presents with real passion, knowledge and lived experience, has been providing this for me in an open and enjoyable environment.


A space to consider what I want and need from life, and the means to achieve it.


This in turn enables me to perform more effectively in my own work, and really strive to achieve my own personal thoughts, feelings and desires.

I want to tell you about Kirsty and why she's so awesome, but first I want to tell you this: If I'm honest, life coaching sounds, at best, like witchcraft or weird ritualistic healing to me, or at worst, a money spinning con.


If someone tells me they can help me make my life better and make me happier, not only that; they tell me it's going to be simple, my go-to response would be to laugh heartily then tell them to get lost.


It's surely the sort of thing foolish people get sucked into.


I like facts - they're reliable.


But the fact is, Kirsty has been a truly remarkable influence on me and she inspired me to turn my life around. 


She's honest, kind, energetic and insightful. She leads by example, radiates charisma and relishes in life's journey.


And me? I was trapped in a job that was making me miserable - it was affecting my family, my health, my self-esteem; everything. I could see no way out. Kirsty helped me realise what I could do if only I trusted myself to do it.

Now I'm working for myself and really enjoying it."

"Kirsty is a truly inspiring person. Using her previous experiences (good or bad) her open and honest, as well as her warm and inviting style has really helped me on several occasions to focus on what's important and see through all the fog of daily life.


She allows you to share without fear of judgement and acknowledges that embracing your true self is not always as easy for some as others but is always there for you.  


I'm still on my journey but have no doubt that with the help of such an amazing , gifted mentor I will get there.


I feel truly blessed to have Kirsty in my life."

"Kirsty is a kind, friendly, very upbeat and positive person.

In the two years that I've known her, one of the things that has impressed me about Kirsty is that she had the courage to completely change her career, by being positive and changing behaviours that would lead many of us to stay in our comfortable ruts.

Her positive outlook and enthusiasm for her subject inspired me to go to her workshops, which is not something I would normally do.


I'm finding them interesting and helpful in tackling the negative beliefs and behaviours that can hold me back from making changes in my life."

I had an AMAZING session with Kirsty this morning.


Seriously folks, if you have ANYTHING you need assistance with in the realm of all things manifesting and energy, Kirsty is your girl!


I actually had been using some tapping (EFT) to sort a few issues prior to our call and thought that perhaps I didn't even need the call anymore…but I was WRONG!


Kirsty was able to give me some HUGE ahas and then took me to a very happy and powerful place to help me manifest greatness!


So even if your life is perfect, I would totally give her a ring to take it to the next level!  

"I would not hesitate to recommend Kirsty.


She is fun, friendly, super intuitive and focussed and she has the ability to see through your issues and get straight to the point.


She will ask you powerful questions to help you seek and find the heart of your issue.


Kirsty helped me move forward when I was feeling stuck and I was really propelled forward in a turbo charged way.    


Not only that I feel that I have made a great friend as the synchronicities keep on coming between us. Thank you Kirsty!"  

"In three words: Go. Book. Kirsty.


Before my session with Kirsty I was feeling quite lost, down and lost in my story of "I'm not good enough". And most of all: not making the money I knew I could by doing what I love most.


Kirsty held beautiful space for me. Her presence is so loving and healing. She asked me all the right questions.


After 1.5 hours I felt more alive than I'd felt in weeks.


I felt strongly connected to WHY I do what I do, something I've been longing for ever since I started out my own biz. I feel so strongly in my core now what it is that makes me stand out from the rest. And I no longer feel like I'm 'in my own way', sabotaging my own success.


If you're looking for someone that holds space for ALL parts of you, sees your greatness and is not afraid to be direct and candid, look no further: Kirsty is your gal.


I would highly recommend this woman to anyone."

"My session with Kirsty Caló this morning was so so beautiful.


 She has so much talent for asking the right questions and bringing your thoughts to the next level.


I have decided that this coming week will be the best yet for my business and I am finally launching my first course.


So much love and thank you again!"

Today was my first one-on-one mentoring with Kirsty Calò ... and I just have to say, it far exceeded my expectations especially being just Day 1!


I had an incredible mindset breakthrough that Kirsty was able to help me shed light and basically give a long time (literally years) paralyzing story a different ending that allows me now to soar in freedom! 


I loved and benefited greatly from the Magic Allowing group course I first took part of. Now, this one-on-one mentoring is only complimenting and further enhancing my personal inner growth.


Thank you Kirsty... I am blessed beyond! Love soaring with you in life and "being." <3

"If you feel you have a burning message you want to share with the world the Magic in your Message course goes deep into discovering what that is and delves into any blocks that may be stopping you bringing it out into the world.


Using the valuable tools and techniques and completing the exercises Kirsty delightfully guides you through step by step on how to share your unique message.


I thoroughly enjoyed it! I would highly recommend the course."

"Kirsty's vibrant energy means that her workshops are always a joy to be a part of.


It's a perfect mix of fun, reflection and self acceptance and you'll leave feeling revitalised, uplifted and completely aligned with who you are and where you want your life to take you.


I highly recommend that you experience it for yourself!"

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