You are perfect as you stand.

You are more than enough.

Even with the lower bank balance than you would prefer, you are more than enough.

Even with the house a bit smaller than you would desire, you are more than enough.

Even in your search for your ideal partner, you are...

When it comes to actually being who we truly are and living a life that we love (like deeply deeply deeply love) most people literally WON'T follow what is in their own hearts BECAUSE of fear of what 'so and so' would think/say/do.

Or fear of being mocked/judged/reject...

I've noticed, the more I just choose to really well and truly bask in the abundance that is ALL around me, the more abundant blessings show up.

Massive abundant blessings.

When I just embrace the beauty all around me, instead of rushing and fussing and striving for 'th...

Somehow we've been programmed to judge at any cost.

To judge the way someone looks, talks, walks the way they parent, the way they decide to show up in the world, the home they live in, the food they eat, the places they holiday, the choices they make.

To the point tha...

BE THE 'ENERGY' YOU WANT TO 'FEEL' IN THE WORLD (sorry Gandhi for mixing up your wise words just a little bit!)

So, you want more hope, love, unity, optimism, JOY in the world? 🌍

Then infuse all that you DO and all you ARE with that energy.

Choose to speak of, act, th...

I really dislike the sayings "don't get too big for your boots", "you'll get a big head", "stop blowing your own trumpet" and other silly phrases that cause fear of expansion. Here's why...

Picture the scene...💭

You have just completed something AWESOME. Perhaps you sc...

What I know 1 gazillion % for sure is that you are enough.

You are strong enough.

Smart enough.

Wise enough.

Good enough.

Focused enough.

Whatever enough.

I don't mean that in a cheesy throw-away statement intended to boost your confidence.

It's more than that.

You were put her...

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you...

Sometimes, when I have big things to share in this online space I hold back for fear of being judged as being 'too positive', 'too happy', 'too shiny'.

Fears of being mocked or knocked or criticised by those who do not hold the same view/option/perspective on the world...

Once upon a time a girl who had been (for way too long) conforming, fitting the mould, following the rules and carrying the weight of the 'should-ers' on her shoulders, decided, once-and-for-all-and-finally, that enough was enough.

She vowed from that day forward...


Over time, I have realised that the biggest block to attracting new abundance into our lives is in ignoring and failing to SEE the abundance that is ALREADY all around us!!

Yes that does mean the stained teaspoons in your cutlery drawer (they represent the number of ama...

In order to manifest the seeming unmanifestable you've got to stop trying...literally STOP TRYING to manifest it at all!

Be clear about what you desire!

Get excited about it showing up, hold the faith, then...

Stop pushing. 

Stop trying to figure it out. 

Stop trying to p...

I came across this beautiful extract by Robert McCammon and it really resonated with me.

I believe in creating MAGIC -- in using our natural born soul gifts and talents to uplift the world and to live the lives we were born to live.

Sometimes it's all about remembering t...

Imagine if this tree decided to stop allowing herself to RECEIVE the vital carbon dioxide she needs order to THRIVE.

If she made her primary focus on giving giving out as much oxygen as she could. 

All the while unconsciously convincing herself that s...


Choose to surround yourself with energies (people, situations, experiences, food, drink, media...) that you wish to LIVE in the future attracts like!

You have the power to choose your energy. It may...

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